SurePayroll has improved areas like onboarding, navigation, help, and of course, COVID-19 and compliance features. Quick Launcher centralizes help tools, and additional UI changes make navigation easier. Now SurePayroll also integrates with Zoho Books.


With automatic payroll, you can enter predetermined hours or pay amounts to your employees, and SurePayroll will take care of that and do the rest. SurePayroll will send you a reminder that the payroll will be processed soon and give you a deadline to make any changes.

When the payroll is due, Automatic Payroll takes care of processing the payroll automatically, without you having to do anything. Once your payment receipt is processed, you will also receive confirmation from SurePayroll that processing is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all SurePayroll customers do Direct Debit or 1-Day Payroll?

New customers are not entitled to direct debit/1 day paycheck. Others must have at least six previous salaries to be eligible. You must not have NSF in the last six months and must be set up for a one or 2-day payroll schedule. (A 5-day program is not eligible.)

How do I request a salary change?

Payroll change notes are manual changes that we ONLY make to payroll if you cannot perform the online function yourself. These are not common. Billing change notes must include the details of the change.

You must select and save the Salary Change Request check box before approving the desired change. Before you can print checks or view updated payroll reports, it would be best if you waited for Operations to process any payroll changes fully. In most cases, the process is usually completed by the end of the business day or a scheduled approval date.

Will I have to file my quarterly payroll tax returns?

If you subscribe to the full-service plan, SurePayroll will cover the entire process from form creation to submission and submission.