We offer an online payroll service called SurePayroll designed for small business owners who want to simplify the whole payroll process. Also, payroll software provides accountants with the opportunity to resell payroll services to their clients.


SurePayroll is explicitly designed for small business owners, with a particular version available for those who pay for babysitters or other domestic workers. Ideal for small businesses, SurePayroll offers both a self-service and full-service plan, with additional options also available.


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Entirely cloud-based, SurePayroll allows you to simply enter the required payment information and do the rest, including total payment receipts and multiple payment rates, as well as complete tax reporting and payment submission.

Steps For SurePayroll Login

  • Click here to open your SurePayroll login account, or type https://secure.surepayroll.com/SPF/Login/Auth.aspx into your browser.
  • You will soon be redirected to the SurePayroll payment slip login portal.
  • Enter your valid “Username” provided by SurePayroll Company below.
  • Now click the “Next” button, and you can now access your SurePayroll PayStubs account.

Requirements For SurePayroll Login

  • Access to the official SurePayroll PayStubs employee portal website.
  • Laptop or PC or smartphone or tablet.
  • The web browser must be adapted to open the portal.
  • Authentic credentials for proof of payment, such as self-service username and password B. SurePayroll.
  • Reliable internet connection.


Benefits Of SurePayroll

  • Best record keeping and payroll tools
  • flexible functions
  • Unlimited Payrolls
  • Supports multiple types of vertical payroll
  • New Quick Launcher makes it easy to find help resources
  • self-service level
  • Integrates with number counting pages

How Much Does SurePayroll Cost?

SurePayroll launched a two-tier subscription service last year and offered a two-month free trial for both. SurePayroll Full Service is the same product we’ve been testing for years. It costs $29.99 per month plus $5 per employee per month. However, you may end up paying other fees, such as B. SurePayroll charges a fee to prepare and distribute W-2 and 1099 forms (competitors offer these forms for free, and they can increase on SurePayroll). Another example is the timer integration rate.

Patriot Software is the only less expensive option, with its Basic offering ($10 per month plus $4 per employee per month). As with Patriot, you must submit your payroll taxes. The most expensive level is the Concierge ($149 per month plus $12 for each employee per month) as even the entry-level Core plan at Gusto costs more than SurePayroll Full Service at $39 per month, plus $6 per employee per month.