Small businesses face increasing regulations regarding required benefits and coverage each year, including employee compensation and pension plans. And if your state doesn’t already have mandatory benefits, consider offering your employees additional benefits that can help with hiring and recruiting.


SurePayroll offers options ranging from pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance to 401(k) plans designed for small businesses, with flexible, transparent, and predictive pricing options tailored to your needs.

Why SurePayroll?

Simplified work accident insurance

Is your company protected from accidents? Most states require workers’ compensation insurance. At SurePayroll, you’ll find quality pay-as-you-go plans from companies like The Hartford, Travelers, and Liberty Mutual. Should you require assistance with payroll issues or questions, we will be happy to assist.

401(k) Retirement Plans That Are Right for Your Business

SurePayroll’s Sure401k service offers popular early-stage 401(k) options for all situations, including Traditional and Safe Harbor 401(k) plans, as well as Owners-only Family Business and Solo(k) plans. You’ll also find many deferrals and deduction options built into your payroll to facilitate savings.


Affordable health insurance for small businesses

Whether your business needs to provide health care to comply with state laws, retain employees, or simply give the health insurance your family requires, SurePayroll, in partnership with Paychex Insurance Agency, can help. Find the best health insurance coverage at a reputable price.

Recruitment screening and new hire reporting

A small business owner must hire new employees to grow their business. Investing in their businesses is essential. But you must hire the best talent for your business, and our pre-hire options and new-hire reports will help you find the right candidate.

Using SurePayroll eliminates many payroll preparation issues because you can enter limited payroll data and let SurePayroll do the rest. Easy anytime, anywhere access to the system enables you to process payroll from anywhere, and the convenient mobile app offers an even greater level of flexibility.