SurePayroll Services

SurePayroll is an online payroll solution designed for small business owners who want to streamline the entire payroll process. Payroll software also provides a resale opportunity for accountants who want to offer payroll services to their clients.


SurePayroll is designed specifically for small business owners, with a special version available for those who pay for babysitters or other domestic workers. Ideal for small businesses, SurePayroll offers both a self-service plan and a full-service plan, with additional options also available.

SurePayroll’s Features

Mobile functionality

You can track time and attendance on SurePayroll, and there are a variety of benefits and insurance options available on SurePayroll, including employee compensation,

Payroll step by step

Once the payslip information is entered, you can view the details, including direct deposit totals and the amount needed to fund the payslip, including required taxes.

automatic payment

With automatic payroll, you can enter predetermined hours or pay amounts to your employees, and SurePayroll will take care of that and do the rest.

Calculate payroll tax

The main reason companies, and especially small businesses, turn to payroll services is because they don’t feel comfortable calculating and filling out all the necessary payroll tax forms.

Process year-end forms and reports

In addition to filing quarterly tax returns, SurePayroll also processes W-2s for your employees and 1099s for contract employees that you paid during the year.

Pay 1099 contractors

Small businesses today hire contractors as often as they hire employees. SurePayroll lets you pay your 1099 contractors on the same screen you use to pay your employees, with direct deposit also available for contractors.

Self-service for employees

Entrepreneurs can also access their 1099 by using the online portal. Employees can access their payroll documents at any time via the mobile app.

Reporting variety

SurePayroll provides a good selection of payroll reports, including an Employee Detail Report, New Hire Report, Check Register and Deductions Report.

Integration of time clock software and accounting applications

Time clock applications such as Springfield, Home base, and Inception can all be integrated with SurePayroll.